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Welcome to Preservation Forsyth, the county’s only organization dedicated to preserving historic resources.

Annual Membership Meeting 2016 

We are making plans for our Annual Membership Meeting. Members. please watch for a postcard and email in the near future. We look forward to seeing you this fall on Sunday, October 23.

Historic Preservation Month 2016 

Historic Preservation Month was a great success, both nationally and locally. The local theme for 2016 was "Foundations and Founding Principles". We hope that you were able to participate in the celebrations and educational opportunities.

Thanks to the Preservation Planning Partners - the Forsyth County Historic Resources Commission, New Winston Museum, Old Salem Museums and Gardens, Preservation Forsyth, and Reynolda House - for making May a fun and fact- filled month.

                       You Helped Save the Historic                         Preservation Tax Credits

Thank you for your efforts in support of preservation. The NC legislature adopted a new historic rehabilitation tax credit program that went into effect January 1, 2016. Your hard work made a tremendous difference in convincing the legisture of the critical need of Historic Tax Credits.

Federal and state tax credit programs offer a terrific incentive to taxpayers who rehabilitate historic buildings for their own homes or for income producing properties. It has been an integral part of the revival of many historic industrial, commercial and residential buildings in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County.

Information and tax credit applications are available from the NC State Historic Preservation Office. Find out more about the NC tax credit program at

Ghost signs live again

Our ghost signs task force is looking for the faded, the flaking and the fascinating remnants of old advertising signs painted on buildings around the county.

The group plans to catalog the signs and repaint or restore some of them. You can help us build a map of signs. Feel free to include an image but please keep the size under 500Kb. Submit locations to ghostsigns@preservehistoricforsyth.org.

Wood Windows Task Force

To combat the tsunami of disinformation and misinformation about the necessity of replacing old wood windows with vinyl, a group of PHF members have put together an educational program about the benefits of restoring wood windows.

The task force has appeared at environmental fairs and is available to speak to community groups. Contact preservehistoricforsyth.org for additional information.

A Rehabilitation in Progress 

Sometimes you may be surprised at what's under that old wood clapboard or dented aluminum siding. Consider what the Hanna family found.

In November 2014, Preserve Historic Forsyth members and friends were invited to tour the Waller House and Farmstead and see the Hanna family's rehabilitation underway. These photos give a clue to the progress. 

Representations of our agrarian past are fast disappearing due to the pressures of economics and development. Be aware of the efforts being made across Forsyth County. The rehabilitation of one such farm is a great place to start. See theWinston Salem Journal article about the rehabilitation at the link below:


Help a House - Help a Family

On Saturday, October 18 and Sunday, October 19, 2014, Preserve Historic Forsyth partnered with the Circles Initiative of the Shalom Project to work on the exterior of a post-WWII home for a family in need. 

This was the first project of its kind for the two collaborating organizations. The goal? To assist a family needing assistance as well as preserving a historic home in Forsyth County. The weekend was an outstanding success!

We wish to thank all of the volunteers who scraped and painted the exterior of the one story cottage, as well as the companies and individuals who made donations and contributions. We especially want to thank the members of Green Street United Methodist Church. Additional information and photos of the work in progress, including information on how to deal with lead paint, are to follow. 

Annual Membership Meeting

PHF members and guests visited the 1891 Thomas A. Crews House in Walkertown as part of the 2014 Annual Membership Meeting. Find out more about the restored Queen Anne-style home and its' well-preserved collection of outbuildings at link below.


Upcoming Event Registration

We're busy planning our next event, details to come.

What We Do

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